RETURN SANITY BACK TO CONGRESS
Voter Reform
Voter ID is a must, Mail in ballots should be limited and only allowed after an identity is established. Voter roles need to be cleaned up and penalties for voter fraud should be prosecuted.
America First
This Shouldn't be controversial. Americans, trade and our economy should never suffer to benefit other countries.
Gun Rights

Shall not be infringed.


We all care about the environment and there needs to be some regulations, but not at the expense of the economy. I believe in the free market and that is the best way forward to come up with new technology. we can't simply ban fossil fuels, we will cease to be a super power; it will become a national security threat, as other countries will take advantage of our vulnerabilities.

National Debt
Our national debt is crippling and will be one of my biggest fights! forcing our children and those yet born to pay back our debt, is tantamount to abuse!

Pay cuts for Congress

I have always felt that Congress made way to much. I support and would fight for pay cuts. I would also donate a large portion of my salary, either back to the treasury or to charity.


SCHOOL CHOICE! Get government out of guaranteeing student loans. This would lower tuition, reducing student debt, and force schools to compete, creating quality education.

Religious Freedom

Freedom of religion is under attack and needs to be protected and fought for. 

I support merit based immigration, finishing the wall, deportation and am apposed to the dreamers act and amnesty.

Pro Life

 I am pro life and support defunding planned parenthood 

As a conservative I believe in lower taxes, and would rather see a flat tax across the board, rather than an incredibly complex tax code which allows the wealthy to avoid taxes through loop holes. I would push to ease up on payroll tax to allow the working class to keep more of their money, instead of sending it to a bloated bureaucracy who will just waste it.

The free market is the best way to handle health care. Competing business is the best way to keep prices low, with multiple options. when the Government gets involved the price always goes up and the quality goes down. That is what happens when you spend other peoples money on other people, cost and quality isn't a concern. Medicare for all will be Medicare for none, as resources will have to be rationed for the demand.