Meet Aaron

 I am a 36 year old father, husband, gun owner and common sense enthusiast. I have been in the automotive industry for almost 20yrs, getting paid solely on my performance. If I didn't produce results, I didn't get paid, and that is the same way I feel about politicians. I have been a small business owner, I have started an organization and even filed a patent. I know what its like to dream big and strive to be an entrepreneur. I have worked 12-13 hour days, busting my butt. I am truly blue collar, I don't have to pretend to represent the working class, I am the working class.

      Like so many, I feel I have been forgotten, left behind by the establishment and stepped on. It seems politicians forget who they work for and why they were put in their positions. They quickly let the power go to their heads and neglect their constituents. I did not want to become a politician, I did not direct my life for the pursuit of politics; however, I have been given no choice but to fight for what I believe in, and return the power back to the people.

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